Busy few weeks!!!


I can’t believe how busy it’s been lately! Work has been totally manic.

I was in Edinburgh early this week for an install/consultancy day and I flew out from Heathrow on Monday afternoon, having spent the morning at another customers. My flight back on the Tuesday was at 20:45!!! We’d finished at 14:00!!! So I hung around like a bad smell for a good few hours. To transfer to an earlier fligt, I would’ve had to fork out £150.. I can see the MD footing that as an expenses bill.. NOT!

Got back to Heathrow and the short stay car park. £70. Can you believe it???? That is what I call being fleeced.

Anyway, the rest of the week was just as busy. I was on site Thursday and Friday and then on Friday niht we all went out for a meal in London at the Boxwood Cafe – endorsed by Gordon Ramsey!

I had the Cerviche of Irish Salmon with lime, corriander and chilli for a starter – it was ok. Not brilliant. Not enough chilli for my liking 😀
Then for main I had the lamb and that was absolutely stunning… it was so flakey, it fell off the bone. Perfect. The side order of mash (i chose that) was stunning too. I have never had mash so good..
The dessert though, oh the dessert… hmmm.. heaven! It was a Vanilla Cheesecake that was so moussey and so creamy and so yummy, I’d have sold my soul for it.. Fantastic. Definitely a must for anyone. We weren’t fotting the bill, but it wasn’t all that bad, around £65 per person, and that was including 3 bottles of red and a bottle of white.

This weekend has been a relaxing affair. Thankfully.

I joined up with the AY Secret Summer Santa and when I got a notification from the post office saying they needed my signature for a parcel I thought to myself… ‘ooohhhh, I wonder if that’s my pressie from my secret Santa??’ Unfortunately, it wasn’t. 🙂 But that just means that I still have a pressie to look forward to!!!

I’ve also had a haircut. It’s very short now. No piccies, I’m too embarrassed.

I did ask for a change, but this is quite drastic I think. Ollie on the other hand loves it. Thinks it’s a great summers do. Hmmm….


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