I have just taken an on-line exam for one of our Vendors… and I have to say, I still hate tests.

I passed, but that isn’t the point!!!

They are stressful and generally meaningless. Anyone can revise for a test, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they understand what they have swatted up on.

Some of the questions are too generic and you have no idea what it is they are actually asking for.

They don’t actually garner anything. A person can be great at something, but absolutely naff at tests and this method is not helpful to them.
I’m a swatter, but like to think that I actually understand what I’ve learnt. Still hate these things though.

I thought I’d left that stage in my life behind when I graduated from Uni, but it doesn’t look like it. In the last 9 years, I have taken more exams/tests than I did in all my academic life!!! What is going on?????

Anyway… what do you think??? Exams: Good or bad?


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