I detest Mondays…

Today started off really badly. Not only was it hot, I wore new shoes today and trod on my lovely new linen skirt. I now have a hole the size of a two pence piece in th bottom. It’s not like anypne else will notice, but I know it’s there.. that’s the problem!!!

The second thing is my ‘boss’. I told him last week that I would be out of the office today at a Vendors to pick up some essential product knowledge. Well, I logged in from said vendor and checked my mail only to find a snooty email from my boss saying that in future I needed to let him know of external meetings and as far as he was concerned I should’ve been in the office today. Not only did I tell him last week, I sent an email on another matter specifying that I would be out at the vendor on Monday. I mailed him reply letting him know that I had notified him. He mailed back basically cutting me right off and letting me know he was in charge and that I should not organise anything on my own again. Now if I was at school, I would’ve accepted that. But, I’m not. I should be able to manage my own diary.

At my review, he said he didn’t want to micro-manage me, yet this email states otherwise!! This isn’t the first incident and I doubt it will be the last, but I am not happy and I will not be spoken to or treated this way. So tomorrow I have to have a chat with him and make him aware that I won’t stand for this and if necessary will look for other employment. Drastic? Maybe. But I am not happy at all.

Ah well….


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