Monday, Monday, Monday…

.. I was up early this morning as I had some techie stuff to cover for a trip up to Edinburgh. One of the vendors came in to give me the overview and it all looks so simple!! Doubt it is though. 🙂

Anyway, I was in for 8.30am and you know, I think I might do this every day. It seems to work really well!!! I’ll try it all this week and see how it goes.

Nothing really happened today.. work is work is work, so not majorly exciting.

Came home and Ollie took piccies of the Ripple AKA the Smoothie and I had a bit of a weep.. the first few looked dreadful!! I look so damned BIG!!! 😦
So, he comforted me and then took some more and those are the ones that are up… still not happy. I normally don’t care about my weight, cos I don’t think I’ve ever been that big. I’m small so I look fatter than I am. I’m a size 12!! That is not huge. But I LOOK it. That’s the bad part.

So, starting from now, I need to make a concerted effort to try and drop some weight.. tone up a little, etc etc etc… Kai not happy 😦

Ollie reckons I’m not big, but like I said to him.. he’s biased!!!! 🙂

Anyway, enough of the self pity. I don’t normally wallow in it, so now that I’ve told you all, I’ll just get on with it..

We’re making mexican tonight. Our own version. Nice and spicey!! Yum, yum!! Back later…….


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