Gardeners R Us…

Ollie and I decided last year that we would try and grow our own veggies, so in the last place we were in, we started with some dwarf beans and some onions. We bought some strawberry plants and we chucked in a couple of herb plants as well. It was a disaster. When we moved the onions and beans into grow bags outside, some animals decided that trampling on them would be a good idea and the birds had a good peck.

We gave up at that point.

Since then, we’ve moved to a lovely place and started the planting again.. I now have chilli plants. Very hot chilli plants:

Just to show you the actual size

A blurry close up

On the actual plant itself

We also have some beans as well (again!!!)

In the grow bag, in our little green house

Then there’s the strawberrys:

In a net to stop the birds…

Also, to show you what green fingers Ollie has, the ivy in our bathroom… it’s loving life!

Look at me! Look at me!!

We have a some spring onions as well… and they’re doing fabulously!! I just forgot to take a piccie earlier…. so you get to be bored with it later!!! mmwaahhh mwwahh mwwwaaahhh 🙂


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