I was in London yesterday, for work. Consultancy at a council. All well and good. I had the train times and a map of the location and an address. All set to go. Well, I wasn’t.

1. I forgot to take my knitting.
2. I forgot the earphones on my iPod.
3. I had to walk from Hammersmith tube all the way to the council. And it’s not a 2 minute walk, it took me 20 minutes!! I HATE WALKING!!!

Ok. That was as bad as it got really. The rest of the day was fine. I finished my bits and pieces, with breaks in between.. called up the boss to let him know all was well and then I made my way home. Got to Paddington and the next train back was going to be another hour!! Now I didn’t particularly fancy sitting around the train station that long!! So I got the train to Theale and lovely Ollie picked me up from there!!

Yay! πŸ™‚

I was still shattered when I got in though. We had Carbonarra last night and Ollie made all by himself.. I’m so mean sometimes… 😦

It was yummy though!!

No time to visit Loop… next time though, maybe..


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