Cold Calling….

…. or something to that effect… I hate it. Always have. These people don’t know me, why on earth would they want to speak to me??!!

Anyway, to be honest, I haven’t really had to cold call since my first premie job around 10 years ago.. this is slightly different.

I work in Network Security, IT, if that wasn’t already apparent. What I do is mainly consultancy on the products that we distribute and a lot of reseller support, in terms on pre-sales, installs, consultancy etc etc etc.

Just recently, we moved to our new building and with the new move it was decided that we need to capitalise on our move and show our customer base how much bigger we are now… so a number of seminars were scheduled. Now I’m in charge of the Technical Seminars.

So, I’ve been ringing round, introducing myself and making a complete idiot of myself.. so much fun…! NOT!

Anyway, I know I need to do it. I know it puts me in front of people which is fab, but I still don’t like cold calling. So There!

Right, back to it, I suppose.


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