AY Open Day!!!

.. well, it was today!! And I’ve been so, so very excited about it…

Couldn’t sleep last night. I got up at, what felt like, the crack of dawn this morning and decided at the last possible minute that I needed to pack practically everything, including the kitchen sink. You should’ve seen Ollie’s face when he saw how much we’d be taking!!! 😀

I packed my Smoothie, so I could ask about sewing it up and obviously carry on knitting the second sleeve… the final piece to it all. I packed Tess’s Summer Floral Shrug, so I could pick her brains on finishing that off, face-to-face. I packed ALL my patterns that I might potentially, in the future maybe, make… 😀 It’s a big lever arch file.. and I think I can feel a second one coming along…

I also decided that if we had the chance we should go down to the coast, so obviously, I packed the swimsuits and a couple of towels and the sunscreen, which by the way, Ollie refuses to use and he is therefore now a bright lobster colour!!! Hee! Hee!

This all in the space of an hour… We packed the car, put the roof down and Ollie drove us to AY…. now, I’d had a look on the site last night to make sure we had the address for the Tomtom and I’d seen a piccie of the actual building with the big AY sign on it, so it was all cool.
Well, we got to Portslade and we got to North street and then couldn’t find the building!! I was looking for a big AY sign. There isn’t one at the new place. We parked up and I had a big panic attack and remembered that the offices had changed recently and that we might be at the old place!! So I called AY and got no answer… desparate times call for desparate measures. I called Tess’s number and got through to a lovely young gentleman that said, ‘Oh, you’re in the right place, I don’t know the building number, but just go to the building with the Fireplaces sign’… I think I stammered something in response and thought… hmmmm..

We walked to the Fireplace building, and would you believe, it is AY!!! Yay! Thank you young man!!! You’re fab!

Anyway, I walked in and was overwhelmed with the number of boxes they had!! YARN, YARN, MORE YARN!!! I’d come home. It was complete heaven!!!! 😀

We met Adrianna and she was v.cool. And then made it to the top and who was sat there?? Tess. She’s a darling. I don’t think I’ve met a nicer person before. Kylve is cool too.. big guy, but a bigger pussycat, I think!!!! Hee! Hee!

Ollie and I grabbed a drink and I some cake.. yummy, yummy Carrot cake… uummm..

Oh sorry.. day dreaming about cake now.. 😀

Anyway, we sat, we ate, met Nadia, who is very cool too and a lovely lady, whose name I never did find out… 😦 I shall ask on the forum later and see if I can track her down…
Joy was there as well and she’s great… sisn’t really chat, apart from about the dreaded Smoothie.. next time…
Bronte was fab too.. she explained how to sew up my Smoothie. I learnt the Mattress stitch and the v shaped stitch used to join up shoulders and arms!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you… you have no idea what a life saver you are Bronte!!! Tess answered my questions on making up her shrug, I can finally finish it now!!!

As we were walking around, a lovely gentleman on the AY staff (sorry, I didn’t get his name!!) helped with everything that we could possibly want/need.. he was absolutely fantastic!

Matt and Fi (who are both ace) put through my massive order and I am now an Angel Yarns VIP!! That is ssssooooo cool!! 🙂

Kinda met Amelie too… but we didn’t really chat… next time mrs!! Just you wait! :p

Oohh.. and Jobo introduced herself as well…! Great meeting you!! We need to chat some next time..

I think we were the last to leave in the end… we stood around chatting for ages and ages… it was a fabulous time.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer bunch of people. Thank you all for such a fantastic day.


5 thoughts on “AY Open Day!!!

  1. Kai your stash enhancement was extreme! I have been looking at the VIP club for ages, I wonder if… no I already have too much yarn and no time to knit :o) Souns like you all had a great day, wish i could have been there. Maybe next time :o)

  2. jam_mam to be completely honest, there’s not a chance I can get everything from my stash knitted up… But I’m a hoarder…!! So i’ll keep collecting.. at some point, I’m going to have to sell stuff, but so far, all is cool.. not sure I can part with anything just yet!!

    Thanks Claire.. I’m really enjoying the blog… 🙂 Can you tell I talk too much!!! And Ollie took the photos… cheeky minx… I’ll get him on camera soon.

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