Update from the Weekend.. and maybe a bit before that!

Hmm.. I’ve had a very busy few days, hence the lack of postings!! 🙂

The company I work for had a night out arranged on Thursday. So we all traipsed into London and went to the comedy store. Have to admit, not quite sure what I thought of that. It was ok in parts and not-so-funny in others. There was this policeman in the audience and I have to admit, he was a complete nonce. He kept standing up and trying to act all tough, pissed as a fart. I wish people like that would just stay at home, mouthy lout. All he did was make policemen look stupid. Very young and very egotistical. Anyway, enough about him. We had a few bevvies and some of the group left to go home. The rest of us stayed at a hotel in London and decided we could party on a little more. We stayed out till 4am.

Now, I can party with the rest of them, but I have to admit, I was not fit for company on Friday and we were back at work. :s

The place we were ‘partying’ at was called Tiger, Tiger. Complete meat market. Not my usual hang out that’s for sure! It was fun dancing though. I need a good boogie every now and again!!! This was my fix for the next 5 years I think!

So, I spent most of Friday sat at my desk, no good to anyone. I have never, ever been like that at work before!

Thankfully, Ollie came to pick me up from work. I don’t think I could drive, I could hardly walk straight! Mainly from exhaustion, not alcohol!!! I know what you’re thinking! I seriously didn’t drink a lot.

We BBQ’d again on Friday, and on Saturday and on Sunday!!! 😀 Chilled evening on Friday and having had a bit of a nap when I got in from work, the evening was very relaxed.

Saturday morning, we took Ollie’s car to the garage and left it for my lovely mechanic friend to fix. He’s fab. I have always worried about mechanics having heard some very bad scare stories.. Well I found Graham through a friend who recommended him and he’s been my mechanic for just over 5 years now!!! 🙂

After that, we did some food shopping and some clothes shopping, headed home and chilled in the garden. Great fun. I did some more knitting in the sun and over Sunday, completed the second part of the front….

That was it really. Sunday was uneventful. We went for a walk after dinner (evening) along the Thames. Very, very nice.

Oooh.. Monday was a bit eventful, we had a conference in Farnham somewhere and at 8 in the morning, I was a bit pee’d at my TomTom!!! It kept telling me to take a right turning, when there wasn’t one to turn into!!!! I eventually found my way to the hotel where the conference was being held. It was a good day, I learnt about some new technologies hitting the market, met up with some of my old cronies from the last place I worked and got to go home early too!! I got stuck in traffic on the way home though. 😦 That was the only downer.

Yesterday was the first day in the office when my boss was on holiday. Now, nt to whinge, but he’s left a whole load of things for me that I have no clue as to how to deal with!!! And he knew that before he left. Looks to me like he didn’t get round to dealing with them and I have to pick up the pieces. I generally don’t mind this, but to be honest, he has had the time to get on and finish the bits he should’ve dealt with! Today, I’ve found something else that he should’ve dealt with before going. I am not a happy chappess. I don’t suppose I should really be saying this so publicly, but I need to vent somewhere, and where better than on my own blog. 😀 Sorry to bore you all!!!

Anyway, it’s lunch time and my stomach is growling so loudly, drivers on the A4 can hear it!!!

Off to stuff my face. Back later!


4 thoughts on “Update from the Weekend.. and maybe a bit before that!

  1. Hey Kai – nice blog. Did you think we wouldn’t notice? 😉 Can’t see the pics of your FO’s though, but I’m sure that’ll be sorted.

    Nice one my dear! (oh and this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment on a blog, so hoping I’m doing it right … )

    FatCat 😀

  2. Hee! Hee!
    I was trying to sneak it in there…
    Thanks FatCat.. I’ll sort out the piccies soon…. hopefully 😕

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