BBQ today…??

It’s glorious outside!!! Definitely a car top down day today! Shame I’m stuck at work, although considering how late I’ve actually decided to post this, I only have 3 minutes to go!!

Ollie wants to do a BBQ tonight, so I’m gonna go home and marinade the chicken and maybe some other meat… spicy!! šŸ˜€

Today’s been a good day, I had one of our vendors in to look at another product which is normally used in conjunction with their own. It was a good session. Lunch was provided today, as we’re looking for caterers for some upcoming seminars we’re holding. Fab food… I was very impressed. And full, by the end of it! šŸ™‚ My diet at the moment is ‘See food, eat it!’

Other than that, not much happening really..

I decided to take my sock knitting outside during lunch and was approached by a lovely lady from another building. She was obviously on her lunch too (the plate she was holding gave it away) and once she’d finished, she came over to ask what I was knitting. I explained that it was a sock, it’s partner having already been finished. She was fascinated. We talked some more about where we were from etc and I think she used the knitting as an opening gambit to start a convo. I like that.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again, working in the same business park.

Hometime!! Gonna pack up and go do the barbie now!! Hope you all have a fantastic evening…


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