Tuesday Blues

Today was a bit of a chore to be honest. We were supposed to be having a team meeting about objectives and company strategy etc yesterday. I’m a techie!! I don’t get involved in this stuff…. do i?? Well, apparently I do, and honestly speaking, I actually enjoy it.

I do a lot of training for our vendor products as well, so getting involved in the commercial side of the business is really cool. There are 10 of us and being such a small team, roles have to overlap.

Well, anyway, back to the point. The meeting was cancelled and rearranged for this morning. 9.00am. For those that don’t know me, I am not a morning person. I am hopeless at getting to work on time. Customer sites is fine, I can do that with plenty of time to spare, but work itself…. *sigh*. With the meeting at dead on 9, I had to be there on time. So I got up especially early this morning and got to work 15 minutes early. Great, I hear you say? Well it would be if the meeting actually took place at 9!!! It was postponed for a while and as I had a customer coming in for some informal training on one of our products, when we were ready to go into the meeting, I couldn’t!!!! Now I am left wondering what was discussed and how it affects me.

This all sounds dire, but I don’t think it is. Basically, I work for a distributor and we want to show how great our relationship is with all of our vendors. All marketing and commercial, with some techie stuff thrown in for good measure. I think the meeting was to discuss our actual roles in promoting all of this… Apologies for the vagueness, but I can’t think of a better way of describing things at the moment!

I spent the rest of the day, having finished the training and taking the lovely gentleman that came in for the training to lunch, sorting out issues for customers who were convinced their issues were caused by our products! Some were, most were definitely not!!

All part of the job! πŸ™‚

5.30 came round and I thought ‘Finally!! I can go home to Ollie!!’. So I rushed home.. or tried anyway. The traffic was a nightmare and then I was driving behind Miss Daisy. I wish people would be more aware of their surroundings. I have no issues with people driving carefully, but the people who have no idea that the reason for the queue of cars behind them is because they’re driving at 40 mph in a 60 zone, drives me barmy!!! I played some Alanis Morrisette really loud and then sang louder. Made me feel so much better!!

I’m now home and chilling. Although, we have to contemplate making food in a while, but I don’t feel like cooking. BBQ is out. We still have plenty left over from the one we had on Saturday! Thankfully, that provides lovely meals for lunch!!

On that subject, I’m sure they hate me at work! I get asked what I have for lunch each day and when I tell them, it’s a case of guarding my food with my life!! Actually, it’s not, but the envy is palpable πŸ˜€
Ollie and I cook loads, something which I’ve never really done that much before meeting him. I really, really like cooking now. Before it used to be a chore. Being Indian, learning to cook was a big thing in my childhood. ‘You need to know how to cook, otherwise you’re mother-in-law will say, “Did your Mum never teach you anything??”‘ was something my granny and mum used to say a lot. It’s different now, but I have to admit, my mum was correct, my ex-mum-in-law did try and tell me that everything I had learnt from my mum was wrong and that her way was the best. I learnt quite a bit from her. But nobody can beat my mum’s cooking!!

We make some really cool things.. I think a Recipe section is probably a good idea too… I’ll add that soon.

Anyway, stomach is growling and I’ve bored people enough for now… back later!!! πŸ™‚


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