The Weekend

My sister called on Friday nightg to say that she’d tried booking some appointments to view some flats for her to rent. This is a fantastic plan, as at the moment, she is sharing with 4 other people, and knowing M, this is definitely driving her mad!!!! πŸ˜€

So, I said to her, ‘Make sure that it’s not early in the morning, I need a lie-in!!!’.

Our first appointment was at 2 o’clock. Not a bad time.. I got my lie-in. The place itself was a dive!! Seriously though, I don’t know how any one can live like that! The estate agent said that the studio flat was currently occupied by a guy and that we would need to use our ‘imagination’. Trust me, no amount of imagination would have helped in that place!!!! It smelt of damp and animal. Not a good combination at all.

The second place was lovely, but a studio flat again and in the middle of nowhere. There is no way she can take that one. She doesn’t drive so public transport near-by is a must and in that place, there was nothing near at all!

The last place was a one bedroomed flat and it is ideal.

I loved it, she loved it. The only issue is it’s on a main road and once again transport. I don’t think there will be an issue, but it’s up to her to look into it and double check. The other thing is that it’s one of only a few that she’s seen. I don’t think she can hang around. Flats disappear at a phenomenal rate on the renting market, especially where we are. This one is cheap and well within her budget. She has to make a decision!!! πŸ™‚ Good luck to her with that.

More to come in a while.. I have to do some work!!! πŸ™‚

Right, I’m back.

That was quite a bit of Saturday, and the rest of it we spent at Tesco’s and Homebase and then at Sainsbury’s trying to find the perfect BBQ. Or should I say, the nicest, but cheap BBQ!! Anyway, we saw one at Homebase that was simple but expensive.. so we looked at Sainsbury’s and found exactly the same one for £12.99. Fantastic deal!! πŸ™‚ So we bought that and then had a barbie on Saturday evening. SO much food! We’re gonna be eating it like forever! This is after giving some to the landlady, who happened to pop by while we were BBQ’ing and also, my sister, who stayed over.

Sunday was a very lazy day. We chilled in the sun and ate bacon and egg baps and pancakes later on in the day. Eventually took M back to hers and then the rest of us chilled for what remained of the evening. Fabulous weekend. *sigh of contentment*


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