The Smoothie Update..

Well, I finished the back on Friday night.. which was fabulous news. It looks really cool!

I started the front left panel on Saturday, once we got home from traipsing around town. Having made some pretty stupid mistakes, frogging it back to a point where it’s correct and then carrying on, I have now nearly finished the first front panel.

The pattern tells me the next step is to make the right front panel and all I need to do that is to reverse the pattern used on the left side! Ha! All I need to do indeed!!! I’m currently thinking of going away somewhere very far, where I can convince myself that the next bit is going to be easy. As you can tell, I doubt it will be.

I think what I might actually do, is leave the second panel for a later date and try and finish off Tess’s Summer Floral Shrug. This is also a ‘practice piece’ and has been put aside as I ran out of yarn for it. Well I picked some up on Thursday and this can now be completed. Only issue is that I think there’s a hard part coming up in that project too!! Oh dear… 😦

I shall let you know how I get on, if I survive the night… 🙂


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