Strawberry Smoothie WIP

I was working on this last night after getting home from work. It’s actually going much better than I anticipated, thankfully!!

Wednesday night was a bit of a nightmare though. I wasn’t tired enough to sleep, so I decided to stay up and knit some. Reading the pattern, I worked out what I was supposed to do, then decided I’d read it wrong and read it again and then proceeded to knit up around 4 rows before realising I’d got it wrong. The unfortunate thing is that I not only hate frogging my work, I was decreasing stitches as well and following the (what i think is..) complex pattern and creating ‘holes’ in my work. It took me till 2ish in the morning to sort it all out and get to the point where I was pretty much back where I’d started earlier!!

Last night was fine though. I’ve nearly finished the back and I started at the weekend, so I’m really chuffed. I have nearly done the armhole shaping and have the shoulder shaping to come yet.. should be interesting!!

I’m dreading the actual sewing up though. That really isn’t my forte.

I made a top/jumper a number of years ago and I completely hashed the sewing up. It ended up in the bin eventually, after a few nights of crying and sniffling, and another few of sulking!!! 🙂

I have all weekend for my smoothie.. here I come!


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