At work

… well I made it back to the office yesterday, after lunch with my sister. I was VERY late back!!! Thankfully though, no one really minds as long as you manage your time in a reasonable fashion. I spend quite a bit of time on-site and that covers all the times that I’m late!! 😀

Yesterday afternoon was pretty busy as we moved offices end of last week. Loads if crates to empty and network equipment to sort out.

Just wired up the meeting room this morning.. so much fun, crawling under the meeting tables in my skirt.. :$

Today’s been a bit of a chore to be honest. I’m shattered from staying up late on Wednesday night and now I’m suffering. Even though I was in bed mega early last night! Ah well, the trials of getting old, I suppose. 🙂

I have curry today for lunch! And it’s authentic.. gonna stink the whole office out! The pleasures of open plan offices!! *evil laugh*

Anyway, back to work I suppose… *sigh*


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