Current WIPs

I have a few on the go at the moment, which is a really, really bad thing.

Quick summary:

1. Tess’s Summer Floral Shrug – I’m doing two. One is a practice run in Stylecraft White and the other is in Artesano Alpaca – Lilac. Very scrummy indeed

2. Parcel String Crochet Container – very hard on the hands. Actually I’m looking for a thihmble kind of thing that doesn’t have a top and covers my finger!

3. A pair of Socks – every knitter should have a sock OTN’s all the time!! These are in Opal Rodeo

4. Strawberry Smoothie for Simply Knitting – Once again, this is a practice run using Patons Cotton DK in a lovely pinky shade.

5. Peaches & Cream Afghan for Ollie – my returning-to-crochet/knitting project, started in November 2005. This one is a slow one, but I’m nearly there!!!

That’s it at the moment.. thankfully! Pictures to be added at some point!


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